Unfold your Lightness, Grace,
Creativity, Inner Freedom and Joy

Silk Fans Flow
online course
Elements of Flow

The last course in 2021

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Elements of Flow

If you want to

get fundamental basics to use fans creatively on your own

add fluid transitions, footwork and engage body into the flow

have a fun tool to reduce stress and tension, recharge vital energy

create your own silk fans choreos or improvise freely

enrich your flow with new movements and approaches

improve grace and elegance

unfold your shakti energy and celebrate divine feminine

get a movement meditation for light and joyful state of consciousness

grow in supportative and inspirational enviroment

let your inner child play freely, feeling safe and cheerful

release body and mental blocks to free self-expression

film and edit beautiful videos of your flow

Creative adventure from the basics to free flow

Short and clear technique videos, choreos for smooth transitions


Tools for creative self-expression


Moon&Sun complexes to master skills and boost energy


Live zoom classes for review&practice


Guided meditations for body&mind connection


Support community chat of kindred spirits

Course program

Elements of Flow
  • 5 weeks creative journey with support of the teacher and community

  • Live zoom classes once a week

  • Lifetime access to all materials

Our journey starts on November 4

All materials are placed on Teachable online platform.

Right after purchase you get access to basic materials.

All modules appear one by one according to schedule.

About teacher


Dance and flow arts for me is about celebrating life. Dynamic meditation, the channel of beauty and the source of creative energy. This is also the best way to show my admiration and respect to the magic of music. I learn, teach and perform over 10 years, and it’s a fascinating, colourful journey.


I learnt bellydance, tribal fusion, vogue, contemporary; practiced qigong and yoga. And the most interesting experience came when I was able to mix it all, using silk fans, isis wings and buugeng.

I’m a performer in Alba music project, a dance teacher and a choreographer.

I’m happy to share the essence of my various experience

and multiply Joy, Beauty and Magic around the world.





Earth module
Fire module
Water module
Air module


  • Full body warm ups with focus on wrists and hands

  • Basics, spectacular elements, smooth transitions and combos

  • Review & Practice

  • Choreo in each module

  • 4 Elements guided audio meditations

  • Atmospheric playlist in each element

no feedback

Sales have ended


Shakti Flow

Earth module
Fire module
Water module
Air module
Spirit module

  • All that's included in Flow +

  • 2 meditative complexes Sun Flow & Moon Flow to master skills, fill up your body & mind with energy and come into a flow state

  • 5 live zoom classes 60 min each

  • New module Spirit: how to film beautiful flow videos, how to create choreo and improvise freely, how to prepare for performance, how to feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera

  • Community chat for support and inspiration (telegram)

Feedback for your videos in telegram every week
Q&A once a day. Live feedback during zoom classes

Sales have ended



Earth module
Fire module
Water module
Air module
Spirit Module

  • Only 2 spots

  • All that's included in Shakti Flow +

  • Choreo to your favorite music (2-3 minutes) created for you by Natalie

  • Guide how to film your individual choreo beautifully

  • 2 private zoom sessions to master all skills and your choreo

Private chat with the author of the course, detailed answers for all questions during entire course

Sales have ended


What students are saying

I’ve been watching silk fans videos for months, but your course is what I needed to have the confidence to give it a go myself


This was SO MUCH fun! I've been flowing for a couple years and felt like my technique greatly improved with your classes. So glad I got to be part of Shakti Flow. I highly recommend!


I was interested in flowing and now I have 100% confidence in showing my flow to the world. And I'm really happy to be a part of this group togther with this inspirational women.

You have excellent shots on every corner and show so much. Best learning experience for me is how you explain everything so well and thoroughly. I feel I can understand my fans now. And I love how I feel your wonderful vibes through the screen.


Thank you for your kindness and providing learning tools for us to take what resonates with us and integrating it into our lives. Your teaching has also became a part of how I live my day to day honoring my inner child and having fun because of how much of it was lost.

Thank you for the videos! You’re a great teacher, you make it very easy to understand and explain all the footwork.


I really Enjoy your course. Especially the beautiful landscape and your aesthetic. It's a great way to learn!

Also love how you have different elements and moves for each style - I feel that sooo much with fans - I’m a water baby myself. It’s very interesting to try to tap into the other elements, it’s a good challenge! Also probably important to help us stay balanced and well rounded energetically.


Natalie created a gorgeous and meditative online course and community to teach us many more fan flow techniques that are based on the 4 elements — Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. She has helped me so much in deepening my intuitive flow with much more clarity and grace.


So grateful to have learned from you and to be able to go on and share it with new audiences because I'm being hired to perform more. It's fantastic.

She’s a professional and passionate silk fans artist who really brings a lot of heart into her work. Her course is easy to learn from and incredibly well organized.

I am so grateful you designed elements of flow! I could go on and on in such positive ways about your classes!!!

Your start today becomes your Flow tomorrow


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