silk fans flow online course

From the basics

to free flow

If you want to

  • Get your own source of inspiring energy

  • Increase body & mind awareness

  • Express yourself freely in motion

  • Find relaxation & focus balance

  • Get into creative flow state

  • Feel lightness & freedom

Take your silk fans and come with me on the journey to free flow!


The first and only one in the world online fan-veils course

Comfortable for short practice – each element is a separate video

Support and feedback from the author during the course

Suits total beginners and experienced dancers

Not just technique, but also fascinating choreos

Pleasure to hear: voice recorded at professional sound studio

Practice anywhere you want with convenient mobile version

Essence of experience in performing and teaching various dance styles and flow arts

Enjoyment to watch: stunning natural

locations of Russia


Course program

4 topical video blocks
Each block discovers a new dimension
of fan veils flow


you‘ll learn how to hold a fan to make it an extension of your hand and learn easy spectacular elements and techniques with 1 fan


you’ll explore the movements with 2 closed fans. They dance like tongues of the flame. And it’s easier to hold and spin them this way


you’ll open 2 fans and unfold their potential. Veils can move slowly like a wide flowing river or fast and sharply like a powerful waterfall


you’ll learn to fly. Spins and turns will make your flow meditative for you and fascinating for the audience

In the end of each block your knowledge becomes your skill, when you combine all new elements in an inspiring dance choreo. It is a perfect base for your own flow

I’ll always be there during your journey. Feel free to ask me any questions, share with me video of your fan veils dance and get recommendations when you need.

About teacher


Dance and flow arts for me is about celebrating life. This is the best way to show my admiration and respect to the music I’m in love with. My passion, meditation and source of pure energy.  I learn, teach and perform over 10 years, and it’s my fascinating, colourful journey.


I learnt bellydance, tribal fusion, vogue, contemporary. And the most interesting experience came when I was able to mix it all, using fan-veils, isis wings and buugengs. 


I’m a performer in Alba music project, a dance teacher and a choreographer. 

I’m happy and proud of my students’ results: the way they learn and perform, the way they feel and share their inner magic.

«This is a huge work and contribution in each of us! You’re a hero, beautiful and bright soul! Happy to find you»

Your start today becomes your Flow tomorrow


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