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Hi, I’m Nataly!
Dance and flow arts teacher, performer and the creator of flow dresses. 


I’ve created first flow dress when I couldn’t find my dream dress in reality. 

I wanted it to be very airy and elegant, and at the same time as comfortable as pajamas. The dress that doesn’t hinder my movements, and moreover emphasizes them gracefully giving me freedom in movement.

The dress that adapts to different looks and vibes: goddess, shaman, fairy, elf, spirit of the forest, wizard, graceful lady, peaceful warrior, harmony of elements, lightness and freedom.

The dress that is fairly universal and is a wonderful companion for flowing freely in Nature, for any ceremonies, celebrations, for parties and festivals, performance on the stage, woman circles, travel, photoshoots, movement meditation. And if I wear it chilling at home, it itself makes special mood and raise shakti energy. Fabric should be soft and light, but highly durable, it shouldn’t crease and require constant ironing. 


Creating is on the most interesting things I can do on Earth, so I’ve made this Dream dress come true.

When girls, women saw my flow dress on the Instagram they started asking where can they find such an amazing dress. So I found a dream team to make more flow dresses for all of us. 


This is 2nd pre-order and I’m happy to share this beauty, joy and magic with amazing ladies around the world.  


Stay in Flow and Shine! 




65% supersoft, 35% viscose. 

This blend is airy and breathable, pleasant for skin, hypoallergenic.

It has all nice qualities of viscose but it’s much more durable and requires less ironing.

Flow dresses are made taking

in account your individual measurements for really perfect fit. There is a special field to add them before adding your dress into the cart.

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