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Unfold Your Power & Gracefulness
Find balance & harmony in movement

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Fan
online course


If you want to

find your inner balance, confidence and courage

have a tool to release tension and anxious energy

improve your strength, flexibility, stamina and coordination

take care of your physical and mental health

stay peaceful against the background of chaos

increase your energy level and direct your energy

immerse yourself into the world of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qigong

move with a kung fu fan gracefully and powerfully

enrich your dance and flow with any flow props

gain more focus and precision in your movements

Sacred ancient practice to keep balance in a modern world

1 Program.png

Perfectly Balanced program including soft, low-impact and strength, high-impact practice

4 Teacher.png

Experienced kung fu, tai chi and qigong teacher from the official cultural center of Shaolin

2 Short and clear.png

Short & clear video tutorials filmed in natural locations and a light studio with the mirror

5 relax.png

Qigong practice for deep relaxation and accumulating energy

3 Aesthetic.png

Special aesthetic of body lines in Chinese martial arts

6 community 2.png

Spectactular & graceful kung fu fan sequences

Course program

Course program

About teacher

About teacher

Since 2013  Anya has been a student of Shi Yanbin warrior monk of the Shaolin Temple in 34th generation of monks. Anya is a kung fu & qigong teacher at Shi Yanbin school during 6 years.
Completed a training course at the Shaolin Temple in 2014 and 2016.
Anya practices and teaches Kung Fu with a fan, a sword, a pole, a spear; 
Qigong and Tai Chi.

“ I like the idea of the Tao (a philosophy from ancient China) about balancing forces, that opposite parts work together and everything in the universe is connected and that nothing makes sense by itself. Everything lives and works as one unit. Kung fu with a fan it's a combine internal capacity and power of external world ”
“Imagine a tree that has survived a hurricane because it is flexible, its roots go deep into the soil, and parasites do not live on it and do not destroy it from the inside. 
So people who practice kungfu are like this tree, they have a flexible body, a calm heart and clear thoughts. They are able to survive any storms”



Peaceful Flow

  • 5 modules

  • 6 months access to the course

  • lifetime access to guides and checklists to go on your kung fu way

  • No Matrix sequence


Power & Grace

  • 5 modules 

  • The Matrix sequence with 2 fans

  • 1.5 years access to the course

  •  lifetime access to guides and checklists to go on your kung fu way


Dragon Spirit

  • 3 spots (only 2 left)

  • All that’s included in Power & Grace

  • a pair of kung fu fans

  • a flow dragon 3 meters length

  • 3 personal zoom sessions adapted to your goals 60 min each 

  • 3 years access to the course

not available

There is an opportunity to get trust installment payment.
DM me for details, if it’s relevant for you.


What students are saying

I am happy with this wonderful course and meeting so many great people. It has brought me serenity, peace, balance and a lot of fluidity. I love how the course works, incredibly interesting and entertaining.
I really enjoyed it. Thank you for making this possible.

Tzei @zephyrspirit1


My fear of Not making my own living through my venture into self employment invited back old habits that i now can consciously say goodbye to. The empowering feeling through kung fu helps me to focus and channel my Energy.

Elena Tinka @pinkpunkpsychology

I experienced that movement is a good remedy against anything...such as stress, sorrow, anxiety, frustrations, anger and so on. I already knew that, but I think Kung Fu movements are especially good to connect mind and body in a healthy way and create an especially peaceful energy within oneself. Anna, thank you for correcting our postures with so much care.

Lydia @lydianexus


I am very grateful to the Universe that I found this course in the right moment.. I enjoyed a lot, meeting new people from many places in the world. I've experienced some changes with my body.  I feel more balanced and stronger.  In my mind I have more confidence in myself.  Having class every Sunday made me work with perseverance and constancy. I feel this is just the beginning of a great experience being a peaceful warrior. I definitely want to continue practicing kung fu with fans. Thanks for doing this kind of workshops, I believe they are very helpful for the humanity.

Monica @moni_cainzunza

Very carefully elaborated with wonderful, well structured modules and easily comprehensible videos! I enjoyed to learn the kung fu fan with you! The kung fu practice made me stronger, more focused on my goals and self confident. I feel more power to reach my aims and to do it 'my way'. I guess I'm more aware about my self, my identity, my strengths and weaknesses, as well as my capability. This allowed me to get more connected to myself and to the environment, to find my balance... and go my way.

Elena Nova @elena.nova.73932

Elena Nova.jpg

Kung fu fan classes with Anna is a refreshing, invigorating experience of a unique quality. Anna has a strong kung fu background and combines perfect technical skills with the most creative way to teach. She is a true artist by nature and never stops to introduce new exercises and challenges. Anna includes the elements of meditation into her classes that become a pleasure for body and mind. 

Anna shares here life philosophy with students and inspires to face every challenge with confidence and humor.

Marina, Writer @doremiele 

I’m surprised that learning kung fu with a fan online is possible. And it’s so great that after a few classes I already had a beautiful complex to practice by myself in the park. 

I see that thanks to these classes my mind learns to solve difficult tasks in a beautiful way. This skill is definitely helpful in all aspects of life. 

After the practice I always feel like I’ve cleaned the space around me, removed all the unnecessary things. May be this is the meaning of kung fu practice where you don’t fight against anyone by create a clear and beautiful world around you.

Nadine, Artist @nadine_danilova



Learning kung fu with a fan we learn the geometry of the body, gain fluidity in movements and improve our health. As for me kung fu fan isn’t martial art only. It’s a movement meditation and gymnastic bringing wellness. 


Yuri, Security guard



Connection with Anna inspires me, supports and brings a lot of joy. In this little human there is such a great wisdom, power, sincerity and simplicity. 

Anna makes the process of learning the art of the fan easy, competently and deep. I can’t find right words to express all my feelings and emotions, you should better try it. 

Oxana, School teacher @ks4ks



Movement with a fan is always an individual self-expression. The expression of your mood and character. You can always tell your story through the complex with a fan. And I never get bored. 


Maria, Accountant

Your start today becomes your power tomorrow



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