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Kung Fu Sword
video classes

4 Circles of Infinity Workshop

In this workshop you’ll learn basic movements with the Chinese Jian sword. These are fundamental circular movements on which all sequences with the sword are based.

We’ll also explore the fencing basis of these movements, which you can practice in pairs.

We’ll learn the 4 Circles of Infinity sequence to master all movements in one flow.

«Sword practice have two sides. The first side is learning sword fighting movements. We’ll study how we can use jian in real sword fighting. And also find out what is the unique Chinese way of fencing. The second side is training spectacular play with sword. Its about how we perform fencing movements more like a stunning show»

Daniil Sobolevskii

Fire Sword Workshop

Fire Sword Workshop from @anyakungfufan
for fire flow artists who’d like to enrich their performance with spectacular techniques.
for everyone who wants to apply knowledge of the art of swordsmanship in a creative format. 

Training Format

The study will take place on two platforms: teachable platform with short step by step video classes and Instagram chat with the teachers for support and answers for your questions during practice.

This course is designed to maximize your ability to create change at the individual and team levels, and art dimension too. Through study, reflection and practice you will establish a firm connection between your articulated purpose and your own art!

About teachers

About Daniil.jpg



Shaolin name Shi Heng Qi
35th generation shaolin disciple
10 years of wushu and 10 years of shaolin kung fu practice
7 years of teaching kids and adults. 


Since 2013  Anya has been a student of Shi Yanbin warrior monk of the Shaolin Temple in 34th generation of monks. Anya is a kung fu & qigong teacher at Shi Yanbin school during 6 years. Completed a training course at the Shaolin Temple in 2014 and 2016. Anya practices and teaches Kung Fu with a fan, a sword, a pole, a spear; 
Qigong and Tai Chi.


Find a way to unlock your full potential and explore your passion with online sword course from Peaceful Warriors!

What students are saying


I always enjoy learning some new kung fu and jian shu techniques with master Daniil. If you reply like to achieve something in kung fu — he will help you lead your way perfectly. 
He is great in fencing, so if you like to learn sword technique he will be the best master. 
Also like friendly atmosphere and peaceful vibe during the classes✨

Maria @marimatchi_

My daughter has been practicing Kung fu for 5 years, 4 of which she has been a student of Master Daniil. I have been learning Kung fu with sword with him for a year.  In my opinion Daniil 
truly loves his students and is selflessly dedicated to the art of Kung fu and what is most important part - knows how to teach it.
All humans are different and learning process is different for everyone and Daniil understands how to pass the energy, information and knowledge to each student. 
Daniil’s way of teaching not only encompasses the physical aspects of self defense and Kung fu forms, but also the mental, and spiritual aspects. 
For kids and youth classes Daniil is teaching fundamentals of martial arts, character-building skills and his classes are incredibly fun. For adults - he teaches real Kung fu as well as lessons that one can take beyond the training room. Swordsmanship is a beautiful martial arts style of Kung fu and Daniil knows exactly how to teach it, be it via online class (during pandemic my daughter learned forms and sequences with no problem) or in a room full of students.

Natalia @iamnilazen


Classes with Anna is a refreshing, invigorating experience of a unique quality. Anna has a strong kung fu background and combines perfect technical skills with the most creative way to teach. She is a true artist by nature and never stops to introduce new exercises and challenges. Anna includes the elements of meditation into her classes that become a pleasure for body and mind. 

Anna shares here life philosophy with students and inspires to face every challenge with confidence and humor.

Marina @doremiele 

I see that thanks to these classes my mind learns to solve difficult tasks in a beautiful way. This skill is definitely helpful in all aspects of life. 

Nadine @nadine_danilova


Your start today becomes your kung fu tomorrow

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