Silk Fans Flow

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Elements of Flow
Reconnect to your soul expression. Unfold gracefulness, confidence, freedom.
If you want to
Bring more joy & ease into daily life
Have a movement meditation to keep joyful and creative state of mind
Express yourself confidently and freely in movement
Level up your flow with new vision, tricks, footwork and transitions
Engage full body into the flow and improve gracefulness
Enhance body-mind-spirit balance
Get a clear correct foundation to use silk fans creatively on your own
Have a fun tool to recharge energy, release tension and anxiety
Add spectacular silk fans flow into any dance style
Process your emotions through movement
Program fits
Beginners with no experience in flow arts & dance
You’ll get correct fundamental techniques and go step by step to various, graceful and enjoyable flow. From the basics to beautiful free flow.
Intermediate flowmies
You’ll level up your flow, enrich it with new approaches if you feel like plateau, expand your creative vision and unfold your authentic style.
You’ll incorporate silk fans into any dance style and will be able to use them creatively on your own in your choreos and improvisation.
You’ll add more spectacular tricks and expressive sequences into your performance, feel more confidently on the stage and in front of the camera.
Everyone who dreams to add more joy & ease into life
You’ll have a beautiful movement meditation to release tension and recharge energy, process emotions through movement and express yourself joyfully and freely.
How the journey goes
08 May 2024
5 modules. 8 weeks
Clear silk fans flow video classes are just a few minutes long to fit any schedule and give you essential skills to use and enjoy right away.
Step by step program
Each elemental module includes a warm up, silk fans movements, tricks, techniques, short sequences, a longer choreo and a guided meditation.
Safe space
& connection
Private community chat for students to connect with kindred spirits around the world, encourage and inspire each other.
Teacher’s Support
Natalie supports students daily in community chat, provides feedback for raw videos of your practise and answers all the questions.
Flow circle. Live zoom sessions
Shakti Flow and Enchantress packages also include 3 live group zoom sessions with Natalie for review & practise together. Recordings will be available too.
Comfortable tempo
The program is an easy to follow step by step system that can be used like a self-directed course for those who prefer a solo journey at their own pace in convenient time.
Keys to flow state & confidence
Game-changing flow theory lectures from an experienced psychologist and a pro performer to understand how to manage flow state and turn our inner critiques into inner cheerleaders.
Certified psychologist-psychotherapist, Master of Psychology. Elena works both professional artists, such as Cirque du Soleil performers, and beginners. She graduated from the 2022 Silk Fan and Kung Fu Fan courses, so she knows every step along the way. She will share advanced knowledge of neuropsychology and psychology to develop your flow, self-love, confidence and joyful self-expression.
Elena Tinka
Course Program
Your Elements of Flow
01. Earth
Confidence, structure, calm, balance
  • Confident basic technique
  • How to hold a fan correctly
  • Fan FUNdamental movements
  • The base of smooth transitions
  • Engaging full body into the flow
  • Bonus Flow theory zoom lecture about the neurophysiology of flow state, how it works
02. Fire
Joy, passion, bright self-expression
  • How to hold a closed fan
  • Expressive movements, sequences and a choreo with closed fans, moving like tongues of the flames
  • Footwork synchronised with fans' movements
  • Stick grip as another fun fan technique
  • How to let go imposter syndrome to flow & shine in public
03. Water
Fluidity, softness, gracefulness
  • Transitions between closed and open fans
  • 7 ways to open the fans and 2 ways to close
  • Movements, sequences and a choreo with 2 open fans, wide like sea waves and powerful like waterfall
  • Emphasising subtle moments in music
  • Spectacular staves grip technique
04. Air
Spaciousness, lightness, inspiration, freedom
  • Meditative whirling, fascinating turns and spins
  • Uniting 4 elements in one flow
  • How to go on and improve your flow after the course
  • Bonus Zoom lecture How to turn your inner critiques into inner cheerleaders
05. Spirit
Unfold your authenticity
  • How to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera
  • How to prepare for performance
  • How to release fears
  • How to create your own choreo and look
  • How to develop improvisation playfully
  • How to film and edit beautiful flow videos by yourself
About teacher
Silk fans are my beloved artefact that united my creative & spiritual paths into one. I discovered fans over 12 years ago, while performing and teaching belly dance, tribal fusion. At the same time I finished 4 stages of Qigong. Silk fans flow is a graceful art & a powerful movement meditation, connecting body, mind and spirit. I feel this reconnection with our natural flow as one of the most valuable things as it lets us become the creators of our reality. All these years I keep exploring meditation techniques, various dance styles and flow arts.
Path & Experiences
Silk fans flow is a fun way to recharge our vital creative energy, bring more ease and confidence into how we show up in our daily reality, to celebrate the life we live. My intention for Elements of Flow online journey is to share with you all these treasures. Everything you need to feel all these benefits long after the course in your own flow practise. My mission is to multiply joy, creative connection, beauty and freedom of soul-expression around the world.
Stay in Flow, Inspire & Shine
Natalie, @elementsofflow
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Creative adventure to joyful soul expression in movement
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Freguently Asked Questions
Feel free to ask any questions
Freguently Asked Questions
Feel free to ask any questions
Feel free to ask any questions
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