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Reconnect to your soul expression
Unfold Gracefulness, Confidence, Freedom

Silk Fans Flow
online course
Elements of Flow

Elements of Flow

If you want to

express yourself confidently and freely in movement

enhance body-mind-spirit balance

bring more joy & ease into daily life

level up your flow with new vision, tricks, footwork and transitions

engage full body into the flow and improve gracefulness

get clear correct foundation to use silk fans creatively on your own

have a fun tool to recharge energy, release tension and anxiety 

add spectacular silk fans flow into any dance style

have a movement meditation to keep joyful and creative state of mind

process your emotions through movement

This program fits

🙂 Total Beginners with no experience in flow arts & dance

You’ll get correct fundamental techniques and go step by step to various, graceful and enjoyable flow. From the basics to beautiful free flow


😺 Intermediate flowmies

You’ll level up your flow, enrich it with new approaches if you feel like plateau, expand your creative vision and unfold your authentic style


💃 Dancers

You’ll incorporate silk fans into any dance style and will be able to use them creatively on your own in your choreos and improvisation


😎 Performers

You’ll add more spectacular tricks and expressive sequences into your performance, feel more confidently on the stage and in front of the camera

🥳 Everyone who wants to add more beauty, joy, creativity and ease into daily life
You’ll have a beautiful movement meditation to cultivate all these amazing qualities in your reality, process emotions through movement, release tension and recharge energy.

If you don’t have silk fans

You can order a pair of silk fans together with the course

Course program

Elements of Flow

Your Elements of Flow

  • Intro
    👋 Hello From the Teacher ⛩ What does Kung Fu really mean? 💌 Guide for Your Kung Fu Way | How to make your learning process efficient and enjoyable? ✔️ Program & Schedule 🌎 Live Zoom Classes Link 🤗 Join Community Chat to Keep in Touch 🏔 Peaceful Warrior Way - Anya answers personal questions from students
    🏙 Rediscover yourself in concrete jungle 🐯 9 Animals Qigong Warm Up 🦚 How to open & close a fan ⛩ Basic Kung Fu Stances (Mabu, Gunbu, Dulibu) 🌊 Smooth Transitions between Stances 🔥 3 fighting techniques ( Puncture, Strike, Swipe) ☯️ Practice (3 combos)
    Qigong Warm Up | Waterfall Energy ⛩ Basic Kung Fu Stances (BanMabu + Mabu, Gunbu, Dulibu Review) 🦄 New stances (XuBu, XieBu, QilongBu, PuBu) ⛩ Balance practice 😌 Principle of joints working together ☯️ Practice of PJWT 🌄 Taolu | Fighting Against a Shadow Bonus 🎁 Guide | Kung Fu Stances & Hands Positions
    👊 Dynamic Kung Fu Warm Up + Kicks & Punches Technique ✨ 2 Fans ✨ 😍 Spectacular Opening for 2 Fans 🌷 2 Ways to Unfold 😎 Puncture + Block, Swipe + Block 🌎 Around the World to Open a Fan ✨Colibri Spirit 🌸 Inner Bloom 🦋 Butterfly Turns 🧡 All Movements in 1 Video for Regular Practice 😎 The Matrix sequence with 2 fans (in packages Power & Grace, Dragon Spirit) 👁 Movement 1 | Break the Matrix 🌀 Movement 2 | Spin the Reality 😎 Movement 3 | Neo Rotation 🌬 Movement 4 | Matrix Windmill 🙏 Movement 5 | I Know Kung Fu 💫 Full Sequence 🌊 Deep Stretching Practice
    🤔 Why Are a Fan and a Sword Similar? 🙏 Warm Up with Focus on Wrists 🍃 Fencing with a fan | Spectacular Rotations 😌 Peaceful Warrior Combo ☯️ Kung Fu Fan Sequence | Bamboo Chi 🎍
    😌 Warm up at the sea 🦚 Graceful warm up with the fan ☯️ Tai Chi Sequence Friendship 🌎 🙏 Yijinjing | Ancient Qigong Method of Muscles & Tendon Transformation Extra Practice After the Course ☯️ 1 Hour All Skills Practice at the Studio with a Mirror 📒 Guide How to Continue your Kung Fu Way

How the journey goes


5 Elements. 5 modules

Clear silk fans flow video classes are just a few minutes long to fit any schedule and give you essential skills to use and enjoy right away


Balance of technique & flow

Each module includes a warm up, silk fans movements, tricks, short sequences, a longer choreo and a guided meditation

Keys to flow state & confidence

Game-changing flow theory video classes to understand how to manage flow state and turn our inner critiques into inner cheerleaders.


Comfortable tempo

Easy to follow step by step system to learn and practice
at your own pace in convenient time

Long access

1 year access to the course to have your own creative outlet for many months and review anything you need.

Get the course for $259


Creative adventure to joyful soul expression in movement 
Beloved by students in 35 countries


I was interested in flowing and now I have 100% confidence in showing my flow to the world. And I'm really happy to be a part of this group togther with this inspirational women.


A plateu is hard to push through. I was near certain I had nothing else to learn until I invested in Elements of Flow. I not only learned more fans technique, I discovered a new playful, sunny, joyful side of silk fans that I now get to harness every day. I have nurtured my inner child and allowed her to explore in a space I so deeply needed to develop. The community was incredibly supportative and Natalie has been the best source of energy and inspiration to draw from. A wellspring of knowledge and joy. Invest in your own joy and bask in the gratitude of your practice.


It has truly been a source of positivity and light in my life! After every module during the course, I felt better about myself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you for this amazing and beautiful silk fans course!

An outlet where l can fully express my creative inner child self with no hindrances from self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs. Thanks to @elementsofflow course I was able to connect with my inner self through dance and movement. The movements and choreography taught in the course helped me to move through my emotions, feelings, and thoughts in a healthy, relieving way.


When I first discovered @elementsofflow I felt a sparkle but when I took their silk fans course it felt the fire igniting in my heart. I was going through a very bad moment and silk fans became a tool to make my heart, brain and body communicate. Natalie created safe and funny space for us to learn and share with other flowmies from around the world. I miss a lot our sunday flow sessions where I always left with a smile and a feeling of accomplishment.


Elements of Flow is for me a great source of inspiration and a vessel for connecting with my own creative expression. In whichever point of your flowarts journey you maybe, there will be surely something for you.

While I was going through difficult changes in my personal life Elements of Flow helped me to keep joyful and focused on my own well being.
The course has been so lovingly crafted by Natalie and her soulmate. The high vibrations and loving vibes of these two are something you can feel immediately upon the beginning of the course.


For a time I didn’t felt very creative but missed the joy of creating. So I started my flow journey to reconect with my creativity. And I got it all back. One of my newest steps on this path is colouring my life with silk fans. Thank you Natalie who took my by the hand and guided my first experiences with this joyful toy.


Natalie’s a wonderful flow movement guide & her style of teaching is so easy to follow, it wasn’t long before I was able to flow with way more skills and confidence. Not only did I deepen and expand my silk fan flow practice with new movements and choreo, I also met some wicked amazing and inspiring flowmies from all around the world! 

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to grow, flow and shine with such an incredible teacher and community and I can’t wait for future flows together!


This was SO MUCH fun! I've been flowing for a couple years and felt like my technique greatly improved with your classes. So glad I got to be part of Shakti Flow. I highly recommend!


Thanks to you I took confidence in my dance and I went on stage for the first time. Thank you so much for your course. All my gratitude from France.

L’Ail Rose @l.ail.rose


Thank you for your kindness and providing learning tools for us to take what resonates with us and integrating it into our lives. Your teaching has also became a part of how I live my day to day honoring my inner child and having fun because of how much of it was lost.

You have excellent shots on every corner and show so much. Best learning experience for me is how you explain everything so well and thoroughly. I feel I can understand my fans now. And I love how I feel your wonderful vibes through the screen.

Thank you for the videos! You’re a great teacher, you make it very easy to understand and explain all the footwork.


I really Enjoy your course. Especially the beautiful landscape and your aesthetic. It's a great way to learn!
It's so easy to feel good with silk fans. I think what I like most about them is that they become an extension of you instead of just a prop in your hand. It's a really nice feeling. Like having wings.


Natalie created a gorgeous and meditative online course and community to teach us many more fan flow techniques that are based on the 4 elements — Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. She has helped me so much in deepening my intuitive flow with much more clarity and grace.


The course videos are easy to follow, the live zoom sessions super helpful for immediate feedback and Natalie is just a lovely lovely human making the course friendly and welcoming.

Also love how you have different elements and moves for each style - I feel that sooo much with fans - I’m a water baby myself. It’s very interesting to try to tap into the other elements, it’s a good challenge! Also probably important to help us stay balanced and well rounded energetically.

She’s a professional and passionate silk fans artist who really brings a lot of heart into her work. Her course is easy to learn from and incredibly well organized.


So grateful to have learned from you and to be able to go on and share it with new audiences because I'm being hired to perform more. It's fantastic.

About teacher

I discovered silk fans on the intersection of my dance and spiritual paths over 12 years ago. I was performing and teaching bellydance and tribal fusion and at the same time I finished 4 stages of Qigong. Silk fans have become an artefact that made these 2 paths one. Silk fans flow is both a graceful art and a powerful movement meditation, connecting body, mind and spirit in one flow. I feel this reconnection with our natural flow as one of the most valuable things as in this moment we become the creators of our reality.

All these years I kept exploring meditation techniques, expanded states of consciousness, various dance styles and flow arts. You can also see me with 3 meters dragon, buugeng and Isis wings, but silk fans are still my main beloved flow prop.

Silk fans flow is a fun way to recharge our vital creative energy, bring more ease and confidence into how we show up in our daily reality, to celebrate the life we live. My intention for Elements of Flow online journey is to share with you all these treasures. Everything you need to feel all these benefits long after the course in your own flow practise. My mission is to multiply joy, creative connection, beauty and freedom of soul-expression around the world.

Stay in Flow, Inspire & Shine
Natalie @elementsofflow


Your start today becomes your Flow tomorrow

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