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Unfold your Lightness, Gracefulness,
Freedom and Joyful Soul-Expression

Silk Fans Flow
video classes

Spread your Wings

Available to buy only till September 1


If you want to

get a clear strong foundation to use fans creatively on your own

express your soul through fan flow confidently

enrich your vocabulary of spectacular techniques & tricks

gain a fun tool to reduce tension and anxious energy

incorporate fans into various dance styles

have movement meditation for light & JOYful state of mind

make a divine self-care gift both for physical & mental health

improve gracefulness, coordination and balance

Enjoyable & Expanding Experience


Short & clear a few minutes long video classes


Easy to follow instructions suitable for all levels


1 year access to review anything when you need

2 Short and clear.png

Basic skills, intermediate tricks, transitions & sequences


Picturesque natural locations & pleasant high-quality voiceover


Teacher with over 10 years experience in movement & mindfulness techniques


Spread your Wings videoclasses:
Fan FUNdamentals + Staves Grip Flow

Fan FUNdamentals

The base to build a clean and graceful technique, avoid common mistakes and feel more joy and confidence in your flow.

11 short & clear video tutorials:
How to hol
d the fan correctly, basic movements, key moments, engaging the body into silk flow. Warm up for wrists and hands to improve amplitude of the movements. «Spread your wings» an airy sequence for 1 and 2 fans to practice fluid transitions, play with silk and feel you really dance with a fan.

Staves Grip Flow

One of the most expressive, fun, spectacular and spacious techniques to enrich and expand your flow.
10 short & clear video tutorials. Entire staves grip technique: the base, key moments, spectacular tricks and smooth transitions. 

Enroll today and get amazing Bonus!

New silk fans flow sequence with relaxed beach vibes. Essential component of gracefulness and freedom is relaxation, ease. In this sequence you’ll flow on the waves of silk with the wind in your hair and sun in your heart.

What students are saying

You have excellent shots on every corner and show so much. Best learning experience for me is how you explain everything so well and thoroughly. I feel I can understand my fans now. And I love how I feel your wonderful vibes through the screen.

Abbie @barefootdyes


Her course was truly a game changer for my flow arts journey. It brought me a lot of peace and joy and became a welcome part of my routine. I appreciate the small segments, makes it easy to squeze a little in everyday.

Katie @restless_daydream

I was interested in flowing and now I have 100% confidence in showing my flow to the world. I feel more confident and showing up in other aspects of life.

Alexa @alexaelayda


Thank you for your kindness and providing learning tools for us to take what resonates with us and integrating it into our lives. Your teaching has also became a part of how I live my day to day honoring my inner child and having fun because of how much of it was lost.


Natalie has helped me so much in deepening my intuitive flow with much more clarity and grace. It’s very fun to finally have a proper vocabulary of steps I can play with. Before I would look very busy trying to squeeze in a lot of steps now that each technique is properly taught, I feel I can relax more in each technique.

Bingz @bingzmama


This was SO MUCH fun! I've been flowing for a couple years and felt like my technique greatly improved with your classes.  I highly recommend!

Rebecca @djdeitii


Your start today becomes your flow tomorrow

If you don’t have silk fans

contact us

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